David Royle
2013 - PM Gallery - The City Paintings


This full series of paintings was on show
from 27th March to 13th April 2013
at the PM Gallery,
Walpole Park
Ealing, London W5 5EQ
In 2007 we made our first visit to New York. The paintings, started in the following year, brought home the energy and the buzz of the Manhattan grid and, as the works progressed, increasingly drew on the imagery and energy of London. Between 2008 and 2010 eight paintings were made in the series.

They have sharp disjunctions of image, colour and edge. If Mondrian had felt that the music of boogie-woogie somehow represented the energy of New York these paintings keep the eye moving in a way that might be regarded as more similar the the quick-cut rhythms of fast film editing.  The three later paintings of the series are also presented on the wall tipped up onto their points so that the dynamic tilt of their diagonal edges echoes and supports the internal activity.

All the paintings are Oil Paint on Linen Canvas. They are not reproduced to scale.
N.Y.C. Nocturne  2008  137 x 122cm
City-space  2008  122 x 152cm
City Square No1  2009  137 x 152cm
City Square No2  2009  122 x 152cm
City Square with Green Weather  2009  132 x 168cm
City Square No3  2010  226 x 226cm
City Sqaure Adrift  2010  229 x 229cm
City Square No4  2010  211 x 229cm