David Royle
2001 - Selected Works - PM Gallery, London
A survey of paintings from three decades

This exhibition is selected from a much larger body of work made over the last twenty years or so and can be summarised into seven groups: Hothouse and Garden, Wasteland, Le Déjeuner sur l’Herbe, Oasis, Orpheus, Elemental Paintings, and Elemental Interiors. Almost everything I have painted will relate to one or more of these groups so they should offer a ready point of access to most of my other work.

David Royle, January 2001                                                                               Gallery photographs by George Solomonindes
Wasteland VIII: Tyger in the Park 1987  214 x 198cm
Wasteland IX: Downpour 1987  224 x 170cm
Wasteland V: Fireworks 1986  229 x 183cm
The Tiled Balcony 1981  108 x 168cm
Rain, Garden, Chinese Jar 1982  170 x 170cm
Hothouse 1979  191 x 183cm
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Fire Garden 1979  178 x 188cm
Le Déjeuner sur l'Herbe III 1990  131 x 183cm
Le Déjeuner sur l'Herbe I 1990  213 x 153cm
Floating to th Edge 1999  108 x 55cm
Bright Pool & Debris 1999  36 x 31cm
Swimmer & Wier 1996  142 x 203cm
Fiery Orpheus & Witness 1995  160 x 198cm
Timesa Change I  1996  152 x 244cm
Times Change II 1997  152 x 244cm
Pool & Passing Fire 1995  160 x 127cm
High Summer Wier 1998  168 x 132cm
Oasis IX 1992  191 x 244cm
Oasis VIII 1992  183 x 137cm
Oasis X 1993  160 x 198cm
Studio Interior 1997  152 x 183cm
Inside on a Wild Night 2000  137 x 183cm
Living-Room 1999  121 x 183cm
The Shaded Terrace at Villa Maria 2001  180 x 211cm