David Royle
Paintings - a Brief Overview
South Korea said that South Korean President Huang Jiaoan will meet with Peng Si on the 17th, to exchange views on the North Korean nuclear exchange.It is reported that the two sides will be held at 13:30 local time on the 17th in Seoul Prime Ministerial Residence held at 15:00 the two sides will jointly release the results of the talks.

Interior Exotics  2014
In Rorschach's Garden No23  2012
Passing through the Garden  2011
City Square No2  2009
Raft  2004
Exposure  2002
Inside on a Wild Night  2000
Bright Water  1999
Picture-Window: Nightlights  1996
The South: Yellow  1993
Oasis IV  1991
The Angel in the Garden  1984
Interior Exotics  1979