David Royle
"Possession" by   A.S. Byatt

This is a special charity edition of the opening chapters of the Booker Prize winning bestseller.
It includes a specially commissioned illustration by David Royle.
It is published by Oak Tree Fine Press in a special hand bound limited edition for the discerning collector.

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A.S.Byatt & David Royle

The Original Art Work

The unfolded original art-work is in the collection of the Artist.
It is a watercolour painted on Arches Aquarelle paper.
Dimensions: 247 x 391mm

When reproduced in the book the illustration folds in half. It is only when folded and closed to the gaze of the viewer that the painted male and female hands touch. When opened to view again they move apart in keeping with the privacy of the relationship between Christabel la Motte and Randolph Henry Ash in the novel.
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